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Giving a unique customization to your items

If you are looking to personalize or customize an item using sandblasting, turn to Unique Awards & Signs for exceptional service!


Sandblasting is a term used to name the process of scuffing or etching a surface with a jet of sand driven by compressed air. This process can be used to give a unique look to personal items including glassware, bricks, signfoam, and many other materials that would benefit from personalization.

Looking for affordable sandblasting?

Here at Unique Awards & Signs, we sandblast various items at a price you can afford! Wedding glasses, personalized mugs, metal drink ware, bricks, stepping-stones, benches, signfoam (a thick material used for three-dimensional outdoor signs), and much more.


If you have a surface you may be interested in sandblasting, or if you are unsure if it is capable of being sandblasted, feel free to contact us and ask! We would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Give our friendly and experienced staff a call today to learn more about what sandblasting is, and how you can benefit!



• Glassware

• Bricks

• Stones

• Signfoam

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